Why I Want to Blog

Hello World!

Welcome to my website and blog! I have wanted to create a professional website for awhile now, and I finally got a chance to set it up. At first I thought that it would be enough just to have my resume and curriculum vitae on the site. I have seen many great professional sites that are constructed for job searches and career advancement. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that a blog would be very useful to me. This blog will accomplish a few things:

It Will Help Me Work Through Problems

Oftentimes in my work, I find that talking through a problem helps me put everything into context and find a solution. I hope that this blog will give me a place to write out my thoughts and work through any problems that I have. More than that, by taking the extra time to write a post, I hope that I will think about the nuances of the subject and explore the problem more fully. I will try to write posts as I teach myself new concepts or work through difficult problems.

It Will Help Me Teach My Skills To Others

I absolutely love teaching. One of my favorite parts about working at Purdue University is having my own classroom. I love how technology has enabled me to reach audiences all over the world. I have had experience with a numher of online resources including Adobe Connect classrooms, online physics homework sites, online textbooks, and my series of YouTube videos that go through common physics recitation problems. This blog will allow me to expand on any educational resources that I develop or come across. I can also use this blog to cover special topics that I want to teach to my peers.

It Will Help Me Meet Others

There are so many great resources out on the internet written by people in a variety of backgrounds. After taking in their wisdom for many years, I feel like I am ready to start offering some of my own insights. I hope this blog will allow me to meet other people who share similar interests to me. Part of being an active member of a community is contributing your own ideas and getting feedback on what you do. I think that this blog is a great way to get my thoughts out to the world.

It Will Help Me Advertise My Projects

In the past few years, I have really begun to put my skills to the test. I have completed projects in everything from cooking to coding to science. This blog is a simple way to advertise some of the projects that I am working on and make the resources that I develop available to others. It is also a great stepping point for other people to learn about what I am working on and recommend future steps.

It Will Document My Work and Progress

I suppose that one of my biggest problems is that I am interested in far to many things. I have a lot of ideas and not nearly enough time to explore them all. I have found that I need a good way of organizing my time due to all of the things that I want to accomplish. Additionally, I need a way to filter projects that are not viable. This blog is a tool that will help me do just that. It will document my progress and help me determine what to work on next. Additionally, it will make sure that I put enough time and energy into whatever I am currently working on.